Usersnap + GitHub Issues = So Awesome

Clear your calendar - It's going down!

How to submit your visual and annotated feedback, via screenshots of the current browser content, directly to GitHub Issues and how to close the gap between reporting web problems and fixing them.

This is going to be epic!

What you will learn in just 33 min

  • How to be more efficient using Usersnap and GitHub Issues

    We claim that if you use Usersnap, you and your team will be at least 25% more efficient. Let's prove it!

  • How it works and why it's so awesome

    How the integration works with public and private repos.

  • How to start using it - some technical blah-blah

    Few lines for your technical guys.

A positive feedback

A Happy User

My webapp source code is hosted on...well Github and I am very happy I can get a visual feedback directly into the Issues.

I don't need to open my email and to create an issue and to re-attach the screenshot over and over again.

The good thing is - I can assign the issue directly to my designer :)


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